180 miles to Anclote River, Tarpon Springs 

We left the Moorings Sunday afternoon around 5pm, “Pura Vida” took the head of the pack followed by “Thanks Dad” “Cocomo” and “Island Gypsy” what  a beautiful evening watching the sunset, during the middle of the night the seas were around 2′ all was smooth.  At 6am we had a call from one of the boats that they were having fuel filter woes, the engine ended up shutting down and the captain wasn’t able to get it to restart after changing fuel filters.   What made this even more interesting was the boat with the fuel problems was also having electronic power issues and was communicating with a handheld Vhf.  the only way to get a TowBoat to respond from that far away around 50 miles offshore was to ask the coast guard for help getting the message to Boat US. I did this for the stranded vessel as their handheld didn’t have the range that my built in vhf has. By 8:40 we were in contact with Tow Boat Us and they were minutes away from the stranded vessel. Sunrise was amazing out their as well. During this whole engine issue that the other boat was having the seas had to be 3-4′ once we were closer to land around 11am it laid down nicely and we had a beautiful ride up the Anclote River. To Tarpon Springs.  Feels amazing to be on the other side.  Life is good.  So are all the people in it. 
Sunrise at The Moorings, Carrabelle Fl taken by Mandi Singer

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico Salt Pasture   

Route to Tarpon Springs from Carrabelle 

First glimpse of the West Coast of Florida 

Shallow green water greeted us at about 10 miles offshore  

line of sight to land is 7miles

Anclote River, Tarpon Springs sponge docks ahead 


Pura, Coco, and Thanks Dad 


3 thoughts on “180 miles to Anclote River, Tarpon Springs ”

  1. So very glad you had a safe trip on the Anclote River & that you are now in Tarpon Springs. The sunrise looked spectacular ! Enjoying the beautiful photos. During your stay be sure to visit the Konger Tarpon Springs Aquarium. It has a simulated coral reef , complete with native plants & tropical fish in a 120,000-gallon tank. I also hope you get to cruise through the historic sponge docks.

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    1. Thank you Catherine! I am outside the aquarium right now. Really good 8$ admission and shows all day you can come and go as you please. Explored sponge docks yesterday on bikes. I hope to take the dingy out and see more of the river before moving to Bradington Beach Marina sometime tomorrow.


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