36 miles to Norfolk Va

We left Atlantic Yacht Basin around 6:50am so we could make the first opening of the Great Bridge Lock, this is the very first lock of my whole trip.  We eased onto the channel this am, the weather was pretty and today was going to take us up the Southern Branch River through Chesapeake VA.  Then you meet the Elisabeth River, from here you go through the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and enter the Chesapeake Bay.  What a beautiful ride, our nations navy is indescribable the feeling of pride it gives you as you pass by these massive ships that were built to defend our freedom.

 I really enjoyed meeting some new friends at atlantic yacht basin, on their 1967 48ft Hatteras LRC called “Black Powder” from Maine headed to Tx.  They used to own a company that designed and built mini cannons for the coast guard and people who wanted one of these awesome noise makers.


Nuclear Submarine headed down Elisabeth River

Pura Vida and Bayflower at Little Creek Marina condo docks reminiscing about the last few weeks of great cruising and tasty diesel fuel

Little Creek Marina is a great spot to stay a while, their weekly and monthly rates are great and it is very protected.  Sharing the same cove with the Navy

My friends aboard the MHIWAD had me for lunch today, a very beautiful french couple with an impressive 68′ Bruce Roberts design ultra long-range cruiser with two John Deere main engines. MHIWAD stands for My Home Is Where Anchor Drops


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