Bringing her home 

Finding a boat that fit my needs took quite a while, I probably spent 8-9 months looking at boats with my loyal broker Bob Schwarts from Dog River marine.  when we first saw this 40ft hatteras We knew it was the one I wanted. It lived on the Cumberland river in Gallatin Tennessee. It took us 7 days to run her 900 miles back to mobile bay where Dog River Marine pulled her out of the water and went through it with a fine tooth comb. Fixing things that needed fixing and updating a few creature comforts and servicing all the mechanical equipment.  The Cumberland River takes you into Lake Barkley in Illinois and then from their you will you go into Kentucky lake and down the Tenn Tom waterway to the Tom Bigbee river and to the Black warrior River which empties into mobile bay. From their were about 65 miles form Pensacola fl IMG_0755IMG_0782 

New A/C power plant 

The day before thanksgiving we swapped out Pura Vidas original 8KW Onan for a 12.5KW Phasor with a 4 cyl Kubota diesel and heavy duty Stamford Electrical end, this unit will be more modern and efficient while staying on the hook.  We swapped them right through the salon door, pretty interesting and long day over at Bahia Mar thanks to Mark with Marks Mobil Marine my hard working assistant captain Lisa and Louis we were finished by 10pm just lacking a few finishing touches,  


In the beginning

I knew that I needed to find a way to leave pensacola and explore other parts of this great country, I love life by the water and working on engines so why not get a older boat I can live on with the classic style diesels that I love and find a long trip to take it on. Well that was the beginning, I learned of the loop from my Dad and read a couple books from people who have already done this. I was intrigued, a 6500 mile circumnavigation of the east side of the United States where at least 70% of the trip is in protected waters or in sight of land, they call it Americas Great Loop. It’s kind of like taking a huge road trip but in a boat. I feel so lucky and excited to start off on this. It all started about 2 and 1/2 years ago, took me a year to find the right vessel and another year and 1/2 talking about it to get to where I am today and I hope to be departing December 27th 🙂