Homecoming, life back in Pensacola

My first Great Loop is complete, this was truly a life changing experience!  It has made me realize the good that is always around us.  There are helpful people everywhere you go willing to give you a hand.  For the most part when you put out good vibes, you get good vibes in return and this is humbling.  When no one is around its natures beauty that keeps everything on a even keel.  The experiences, stories and courage this trip has given me will forever help make me a better person in my daily works.

I proudly flew my Pensacola Yacht Club burgee into every marina I stopped at.  PYC was so gracious to recognize me at a couple events for being one of only four members to complete The Great Loop.  They also granted me with Power-boater of the year!  2016 was a incredible year, Thank you so much to my family and friends who have helped make this trip a success for me.

Dog River Marina helped me with a few things I wanted to get done before I brought Pura Vida home.  Which include a bottom job, sending my propellers off for a balance, applying prop speed to the props.  Installed a new refrigerator/freezer and installed a front deck box.   My raw water impellers had right at 1,000 hours on them and still looked good!  This is very impressive because they have pumped tens of thousands of gallons of water through my cooling systems.  Its best to be safe than sorry and change them every 3 years.  Impellers go bad faster from lack of use because the rubber they are made from drys out and gets memory in the blades, affecting how well they pump water.  Chris with Expert Boat Detail got the hull shiny and protected for me once the boat was hauled out.


“You do not grow on a secure path.  All of us should conquer something in life.  It needs a lot of work, it needs a lot of risk.  To grow and improve you need to be there at the edge of uncertainty.” -Francis Mallmann