Panther Key

goodland was a great spot to spend three nights on the hook, we conserved our fresh water, ate well, put some hours on the generator and lived comfortably here. I am excited to come back! Thanks to Ted and Sarah on the Manatee for telling us about this spot.

leaving Goodland is as shallow as coming in, stay in the channel and check your active captain comments, stay east of COON KEY while coming or going and you should see no less than 5′. Panther Key is only a short 11.5 mile run today.

Welcome to the Cape Romano Ten Thousand Islands Aquatic Preserve, Panther Key is close by and is a very remote and scenic anchorage with miles and miles of shoreline to walk. we anchored by Panther Key North by the redfish icon on the chart, I fished this area with shrimp off The dinghy and didn’t have any luck and the bugs came out at sunset so we stayed inside for the night. the beach walk before sunset was great tho and its nice to have a short day so you can get anchored and do some exploring before sunset. the days sure get short in the wintertime. This is our last night at anchor before we arrive in the keys.

Marco Island

2 thoughts on “Panther Key”

    1. mike how are you and the Chris craft doing? I am catching up from my trip in 2020 I never finished writing about it. we are in gulf breeze fl currently. if your in our area give us a call. planing to leave here next fall and do another year maybe two on the boat. lets catch up brother


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