Cape Coral

We noticed a marker down in the water and notified USCG St. Pete who had jurisdiction of this area.  There were lots of dolphins as always and Donzi acted scared of them.  Kind of silly that he’s afraid of them.  As we neared Cape Coral there were tons of weekend boaters.  We enjoyed checking out all the different boats and some of the crazy Christmas decorations people put up.  We are looking forward to having a warm Christmas holiday here in Cape Coral docked behind our good friend Georges house.  He is in the Bahamas and was so nice to let us stay here for a month and utilize the pool and hot tub.  We have been enjoying getting to know the neighborhood and have made many great home cooked meals.  I’ve already checked off several projects on my Pura Vida list and am excited to have her in the best shape she’s ever been in.

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison both had winter homes near Cape Coral in Ft Myers.  We enjoyed touring their homes located on a beautiful piece of property overlooking the Caloosa River.  We got our back canvas enclosure created and built while we were there.  That completed the top project.  We have really been enjoying the new and improved pilot house.

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