Bringing her home 

Finding a boat that fit my needs took quite a while, I probably spent 8-9 months looking at boats with my loyal broker Bob Schwarts from Dog River marine.  when we first saw this 40ft hatteras We knew it was the one I wanted. It lived on the Cumberland river in Gallatin Tennessee. It took us 7 days to run her 900 miles back to mobile bay where Dog River Marine pulled her out of the water and went through it with a fine tooth comb. Fixing things that needed fixing and updating a few creature comforts and servicing all the mechanical equipment.  The Cumberland River takes you into Lake Barkley in Illinois and then from their you will you go into Kentucky lake and down the Tenn Tom waterway to the Tom Bigbee river and to the Black warrior River which empties into mobile bay. From their were about 65 miles form Pensacola fl IMG_0755IMG_0782 

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