28 miles to Duck Key, Hawks Cay

Yesterday morning my sister Clotilde and I departed Marathon Yacht Club at 9:50 AM the wind finally shifted out of the east and made leaving the Yacht Club possible.  Duck Key’s inlet is on the Atlantic side so leaving Marathon YC we back tracked to the 7mile bridge where I crossed back to the Atlantic side.  The 15mph east winds had Hawks Channel pretty sloppy but the Hatteras knew its course and cut through the 3 and 4′ waves like a hot knife through butter.  We trolled for about 14 miles today, no hits but still a beautiful place to be, Clotilde was great crew for the move.  We traveled north from about 1 mile offshore, We reached Duck Key inlet about 12:30, as soon as we were behind there breakwater the water calmed down.  You follow a channel around the east side of the island beautiful homes to your Port and the Atlantic to your Starboard, you are protected by a rock jetty.  Once you get to the North East side of the island where the Marina is the wind dies down from all the land and docking is easy, this marina is very protected from all wind vectors, and all wakes.

My sister had to head back to school this afternoon so before she left we had lunch at the Ocean grill and it was great!  From the slip I can watch the charter fishing fleet come and go all day, the marina store here is like a tom thumb and has a lot of good supplies.  Marina staff is great very helpful and laid back attitudes.  Lots of the employees here are from Jamaica, mon so the atmosphere is always Irie and full of love and respect,  these people live the Island lifestyle that i will always strive for.  I got to meet a nice Jamaican man named Omar he works in the U.S. 6 months a year and then goes back to Montego Bay Jamaica, what is so cool is he used to run the Marina Grill at Baytowne Wharf in Destin FL and i remember him from 2011.  Very small world and what great people we coexist with.

Hawks Cay resort has lots of great Amenities for the guests, they have a Dolphin training area where you can take a class to learn how to be a dolphin trainer and swim with the mammals, 5 awesome heated pools, fire pits, golf green, tennis courts, a 21 and up area with its own pool and Bar.  They also have a Spa, gym,  a salt water lagoon, charter boat fleet that will take you diving or fishing, plenty of water sports and so much more.

If you have any questions about coming into this marina call Ed the dock master at 305.289.2943 he is in charge of the marina and very helpful

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