Palm Beach

My month in Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale has been great. Clotilde and I celebrated our birthdays mid way through the month.  We had some great days on the beach, went to the Lion Country Safari and made a trip home to Pensacola for Easter.  I hope everyone had a good Easter!  Lion Country Safari is very cool and worth seeing, it is a drive through nature preserve its the nations first “cageless zoo” open in 1967 the park consists of over 1,000 animals, kept in large fenced areas with approximately 5 miles of paved roadway running throughout.

Visitors who purchase a ticket enter the park in their own vehicle, driving slowly at their own pace, and view the animals while listening to a recorded narration on CD. Some animals, such as giraffesrhinoceroses, and zebras, are allowed to roam freely, even crossing the road in front of vehicles. Others, such as lions or chimpanzees, are segregated behind fences or water barriers.


Nice swells on Palm Beach 3-18



Pura Vida has been safely docked at Cable Marine I have had some good updates done there, I will go more into detail on these things in the next blog post.

below a picture of Dale Earnhardt’s 50′ Hatteras kept at Cable Marine hasn’t been ran in over 7 years but still looks beautiful because it stays in a covered slip


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