102 miles to New York City

The run to New York was breath taking in so many ways, we left around 8am.  Wind was blowing 15 out of the south east and the waves were 3′ with occasional 4′.  Wave period was only 4-5 seconds which was much less than the 9 second that noah predicted.  Going up the NJ coast was pretty, passing Little Egg Harbor, Surf City, Ortley Beach, Manasquan, Ashberry Park and Sandy Hook.  I could start seeing the city from about 20 miles away, and  at this point the seas really laid down.  It was amazing entering Lower Bay and coming up on the City and all the interesting sights.  There are a lot of ferries running this body of water some cruise pretty fast around 37MPH so you need to keep a close eye out and stay out of their way.  Once you enter the narrows, you will see a lot of fuel barges moored waiting to be emptied.  The Statue Of Liberty is a sight to behold, especially from your own boat!  One15 Brooklyn Marina is a great spot to hang your Hatt for a while. its only 3$ a foot for dockage up to 40′ and increases at 50′ and 60′ so I was happy to be in the 40′ category.  It is a brand new facility in upscale Brooklyn close to the subway.  Liberty Harbor Marina across the way in Jersey City looked nice online but when we arrived I thought I was on a different planet, they charge 5$ a foot and I wouldn’t stay here if you paid me 1,000$ a day.  After finding out at 8pm I could not fit in any of their slips and not a single slip had working power I moved to Brooklyn.  Liberty Harbor still preceded to charge my credit card the full amount after I left and was not going to give me a refund, funny because I made the reservation just 2 hours before arriving.  Long story short I filed a dispute with Bank of America and they will handle my refund.  All you can do it laugh about things like this. The excitement of the big city trumps the bad vibes of Liberty Harbor. Stay as far from this marina they are scam artists.  My Dad arrived Friday evening and he’s going to ride up the Hudson with me and the Erie Canal.  Really thrilled to get back on the move Sunday.  

Sunrise and classic Hatteras lines, morning of departure from Atlantic City  


You can see all the people on the NJ beaches 

Mandy and Dually Enjoying the Bayflower with Pura Vida in the Distance 

NY Harbor 


walked over the brooklyn bridge twice

view from the top of the One World Observatory, tallest building in the western hemisphere 1250ft 102 floors 


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