23 miles to Central Square NY

Today we cruised across the Oneida Lake, this is about 21 miles long and about 5 miles wide with an average depth of 22 feet.  Stay in the channel because their are rocks in some shallow spots you should be cautious about.  The shoreline is about 55 miles, the locals say the lake surface freezes solid during the winter and its a great spot for ice fishing and snowmobiling.  (sounds epic to me)


The marina we stopped at is Winter Harbor Marina.  This is a top-notch facility, the owner lives on site and the whole place is very well taken care of.  Lots of flowers the employees take care of, cheap diesel at $2.21 and dockage is $.90 per foot per night.  This is a must stop spot, the store has any charts or parts you need.  They have two complementary cars, heated indoor winter storage and anything else you could think of.  








Below is the Marina owner Tom’s classic 1973 53′ Hatteras, beautiful sport fish.  Battlewagon with classic lines, custom spiral staircase. 

Capt. Tom and Scupper



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