52 miles to Chicago

The leg from Kenosha to Chicago was smooth and uneventful, the morning started out damp and foggy.  I ran my fog horn we left Kenosha and untill the fog lifted.  It stayed overcast way most of the day, when the City came into sight through the clouds we were about 15 miles away.  Chicago from the water is breath-taking, and visiting from the boat is the best way to see it!  The water is very clear in the marina and harbor, this is due to some engineers.  They figured out if you pump lake water into the area after the lock at a high enough rate they can make the Chicago River flow backwards instead of emptying its dirty waters into the beautiful lake water.  Way to go Chicago!

Had a great evening with a great comedian, Tom Rhodes!   At the comedy club Zanies in Chicago with  Andrew & Kian.  It’s hard to believe ive been friends with these boys for 20 years!  And for all different reasons we in the same city 1,000 miles from our small home town.  Life is good!   


Met some more awesome Loopers on the Nordic Tug “Lone Star” from Texas Steve & Kevin


Docked at Dusable Marina, 312-742-3577.  This is the best place to stay in Chicago, you are walking distance from everything.  They also have rental bikes all over so you can get one of these and expand your range around the city.  Marina seems to have great security!  


Above you can see aerial of the marina and see how close the Columbia Yacht Club is to DuSable Harbor 


In the winter of 1982-83, Columbia Yacht Club purchased the M/V Abby as the new Club Ship. The Abby left the Northumberland Strait “Nova Scotia” for good in April 1983 and remains “in service” today, hosting members and guests on the lakefront at the foot of Randolph Street in downtown Chicago.  They spent more in fuel bringing her to Chicago, than what they paid for the whole ship.  My new friend Dave Hardy who is friends with Commodore Alan McMillan from my home club Pensacola Yacht Club took us on a tour of the club and treated us to a great meal onboard.  Dave is an experienced racing sailor and shared some awesome stories!  


The MV Abegweit began service as an ice breaking railway, vehicle, and passenger ferry that operated across the Abegweit Passage of the Northumberland Strait, connecting Port Borden, Prince Edward Island to Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick, from 1947-1982.


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