St. Andrews Marina 

Happy 2016 from Panama City, I’ve never really spent much time here even though it’s so close to Pensacola. It’s a interesting quirky place.  My friend Louis  Hines came by last night on his way back from Orlando visiting family and went to dinner with us, he stayed and offered to take us shopping today for some supplies we need  so we look forward to do this and enjoyed his visit,  tomorrow we will head to Apalachicola Florida and we are anticipating good weather. 
Port side to docking is preferred in calm marinas for ease of getting on and off the boat


2 thoughts on “St. Andrews Marina ”

  1. Midnight Rider, Its nice to have friends with wheels when you’re loopin. Louis was also present at the blessing of the Pura Vida on Dec.23rd in Pensacola by Father Doug Halsema.


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