72 miles to Apalachicola

We departed St. Andrews Marina today around 7:40am it was cold around 42 so the flybridge isinglass stayed closed most the day, with my little space heater running. today took us through St. Andrews Bay to East Bay and then into the narrow ICW, this was a long stretch because from all the rain the north has had, The river was in flood stage so all the debris in the woods that was flooded floated into the river and caused hazards.  This has been going on for a while so debris was scattered and you just had to dodge occasional big logs. Winding through this low swampy area was fun and being on high alert made it go by fast.  The boat handled well in the heavy currents. Once getting to the Apalachicola River the boat picked up considerable speed and we saw some homes that were getting water inside from the flood.   Our drive took 8 hours today and crossed the Eastern time zone line of demarcation 
  Apalachicola shrimp boat “beachcombers bounty”  
Water Street Hotel slip

  Floating docks are the best 
  Panama City natives  


6 thoughts on “72 miles to Apalachicola”

    1. Hey john, they only have about 4 transient slips, short slips but I like it, the power was around 200amps so I’m using my shore boost to get 230, same problem I have at Peglegs so I’m happy I have that device. My friend Jack told me about a Marina a few spots down behind a run down warehouse. It comes with a golf cart which is pretty cool, I think it’s called Miller marine. They only have 2-3 spots depending on size. Feels comforting to know y’all have cruised these waters


  1. Looking great, Forrest ! Ive stayed at that exact slip at Water Street, even had a few gators right at the hull a few times – fair winds, buddy – will keep up through your posts and your GrandDad !!


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