30 miles to Carrabelle 

My stay in apalachicola was incredible, the people I met and places I visited just made it feel like home.  Stopping here for as long as I did really did me good, it reminded me that all people are freaking great. And theirs nothing to be afraid of because everyone is willing to help and lend a hand. The people I met here I will never forget. When your “just passing through” in apalachicola be sure to talk to all the locals.  Their a awesome group of people no different than you or me.  Most of them with amazing stories on how they ended up their I can’t wait to come back and see my friends and listen to live music at the Bowery Station.
Apalachicola bay was pretty today with sunshine and plenty of cold wind, still it was awesome.  Lots of markers were way off so following the gps closely was the only way to really be sure you were in good water.  The dredging operation going on in the bay may have also been why some markets were out. This is a pretty stretch. Wide bays pretty shallow water with dangerous sandbars and oyster beds that will destroy a hull.

Tomorrow is the 177 mile jump to Tarpon Springs. It looks like a good weather window for the next couple days, my friends John and Sue from Pensacola are headed to the keys and are going to cross with us tomorrow since our boats cruise the same speed

Leaving Water Street Marina

Entrance to the Carrabelle River

These are my friends Ted and Sarah in their Katy Krogen Manatee 37 they bought this boat new in 1987 and have been doing the loop ever since. This is their 26th time!!!  It was amazing meeting so many loopers while I was in apalachicola. Ted and Sarah have such a laid back attitude about boating it’s refreshing and shared some amazing stories with me.  When you loop time after time you really learn the water ways like the back of your hand.     Their flybridge has been enclosed so makes great for all weather cruising.  It’s powered by a single d3 Volvo 130 that sips fuel at 1.8gallons per hour

 Their dingy has to be the coolest one I’ve ever seen with a 90hp it can do anything they need and also help their boat maneuver if for any reason with the push bar

A small work tug  sunk while I was staying on scipio creek and I got to see them swap the locked up 6/71’s for a freshly rebuilt pair         

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