Waiting for better weather 

We all tried for a noon crossing but found conditions to be worse than expected.  Anchored untill 4pm off dog island and tried it again.  Still same scenario. Headed back to the Moorings and sitting it out untill Monday/Tuesday most likely. 

The Pura Vida and the two other boats that tried to cross yesterday with us.   

Pura Vida port profile 


The way back in, feeling defeated lol not really 

Protected Marina the Moorings is a great staging spot Bc it’s so close to East Pass   

 36 monk trawler.  Getting down 

 “Thanks Dad” and their dingy  


Anchored behind dog island  
 Dolphin in the Marina 




3 thoughts on “Waiting for better weather ”

  1. You look like you are holding up fine. good pic of the 36 Monk. rough seas for a couple hours is one thing; but rough sees for a 19 hr crossing is an other animal.


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