22 miles to Clearwater Beach

Turtle Cove Marina in Tarpon Springs was a very nice facility. The staff was so friendly and the amenities were nice and new. I met some great people in Tarpon Springs, ate great food and could smell the fresh baked goods as they were cooked in a bakery up the river from the Marina every morning, Hellas Bakery to be exact. Their sweet bread is great. A few slips down from me were two boats the Rhino and BaoBab, I made 5 new friends on those two boats. A veteran looper Lynn, she and her husband Dan did the loop and it took them 12 years to do so and I think that’s so cool. Stopping spots along the way for as long as they wanted. While still running all over the country with their super cool haulers moving goods for people to cover travel expenses and visit friends. She used to live in Pensacola so we had a ton in common. Whitney and Ray were aboard the “Rhino”. A super cool 46′ crab boat that was converted to a trawler. With a single NA8v92. It’s a sweet pilot house trawler. I love the lines. Michelle and Blue on the “Baobab” were awesome to get to know and live on a beautiful pilot house cruiser as well. I really hope I can spend more time hanging out with them when I run into them again down the road.
The trip to Clearwater was short and a beautiful ride. I didn’t go far today only 22 miles, I got a later start leaving because I wanted to leave on a high tide because of some shallow spots in the Marina. The water was super green and felt like home but just on another coastline. Clearwater Beachside Marina is a great facility as well. We were docked by 6pm

5 thoughts on “22 miles to Clearwater Beach”

  1. Hi Forrest! I’m in Sarasota and wondering if you will be coming here. I see you are in Clearwater now, I think. I’m here visiting my family!

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  2. Great update. If you see any of our friends in Clearwater/Tampa/St. Pete tell them we said hello. LOL.

    Beaches look beautiful; in places, the water is. But the beaches are often white rock not white sand.

    Enjoy. And keep sending us updates to make us all jealous.

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  3. Hey Forrest,
    It was such a pleasure meeting you and I hope I get a chance to see you again along the way somewhere.

    It really makes my heart smile knowing what a great adventure lies ahead of you. Take care and I’ll see you somewhere along the waterway.

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  4. Hey Forrest,
    I am just getting to your blog and this is great!! Thank you for stopping our shop and leaving your info so we could watch your journey. When you come back to tarpon don’t forget to stop in and refill your scents. Scents From The Harts. scentsfromtheharts.com

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