38 miles to Cabbage Key

We returned to the boat last night at Fishermans Wharf in Venice after being in Pensacola for a short visit.  Pura Vida was sure ready to hit the GIWW today, conditions were great.  Sunny with a light north east wind and a little cold but by afternoon it was 70 and still beautiful.  lots of no wake Manatee areas and the dolphin activity on the way here was great, every pod we would come to would follow us for a mile or so and show off then disappear.  Jacob made some great home made guacamole  and fixed a awesome lunch for the ride.  In 1936 Alan Rinehart and Gratia Houghton Rinehart bought the island for $14,500 and invested $125,000 on the amenedities which exist today.   Cabbage Key is One hundred acres of tropical vegetation surround a historic restaurant, inn and cottages. A panoramic view of Pine Island Sound is seen from the front of the restraunt and the marina is pretty well protected. There are no cars here, not even a paved road. You will find winding nature trails, picturesque views, gopher tortoise’s  and a private island feel.  Tomorrow our goal is to get to Marco Island


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