63 miles to Marco Island

We left Cabbage Key on the 12th at 8am, btw they don’t have water available at the docks for the boats but still worth it and i heard if you tip the maintenance man he will bring out their hose and fill your water tank with well water.  There was a dolphin splashing around my boat that morning.  Leaving Cabbage Key we started steaming south we went through Pine Island Sound and saw Sanibel Island where you can find some of the best shells, the light house below is Sanibel light.  After passing Sanibel this marks the end of the GIWW we entered the Gulf through Matanzas Pass for the rest of our ride to Marco Island.  we had roughly 40 miles in the gulf to make it to Marco, on the way we passed Naples.  We arrived at Roses in Marco Island around 2:30 to get fuel and fill the water tank.  i’m getting 2MPG which is very lean compared to other boats.  It sounds bad but its actually pretty efficient for a boat this size.  Here we checked weather and talked to a few seasoned yachters about crossing to Key West tonight.

the pics below show sunrise at Cabbage Key, Sanibel Light, Naples from 3 miles offshore and Roses marina


One thought on “63 miles to Marco Island”

  1. Happy Valentine’s day to you, Forrest. Thank you for the updates and beautiful pictures. I’m so happy that you are having such a wonderful time in your journey and most of all, you finally have a friend aboard to help out.

    It was nice seeing you home. Stay safe. 🙂

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