Key West days 

This has been one of the coolest places I have explored on my boat so far. My gold loop friends John and Sue who have helped me so much along the way with advice and support from Pensacola have been down here since feb 1.  They invited me and my friend Jacob to Schooners for happy hour and dinner where we had a awesome meal and had a birds Eve view of the whole marina.  Sue had her birthday yesterday so happy birthday to her 🙂  I hate to leave but today I am headed to Marathon Yacht Club about 50 miles up the keychain. Jacob flew back to Pensacola yesterday so I am down south Chuggin by myself and my three Diesel engines ☺️

Cruise ships make the town super busy when they are in port

Pura and a nice bird

Puras aft

Jacob and I Atlantic side headed back from lunch at Hurricane Hole

7marine 623hp a piece outboards only company in the world that makes this high of a hp outboard


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