55 miles to Marathon

I left my cozy slip at the Galleon Resort Marina around 10:30am this morning, i had 12mph NE winds.  Today was a good day to run Hawk Channel which is the channel that runs the Atlantic side.  For the most part the protection from the Keys kept the water smooth today i passed Stock Island, Boca Chica Key, Sugarloaf Key, Cudjoe Key, Summerland Key, Pine Key, Ramrod Key, Middle Torch Key, No Name Key, and went under the New seven mile bridge.  The crap traps sure were out in force today.  I noticed the color green is a hard one to see when looking at the water down here, sometimes its so green/blue that its harder to see the green markers than the red.  I docked at Marathon Yacht Club around 4pm the dock master and a fellow looper came to help me get Pura Vida tied up.  So far from what I have seen this evening its a great spot, a little exposed to north winds which we are having tonight around 22mph but all is good and I love the sound of the small waves lapping against the back of the Pura Vida, just reminds you that your floating.  Some marinas are so still you forget that your even on a boat.  When you feel the dock lines tighten from the wind its a reassuring feeling like someone or something has got you, and they got you good, you aren’t going anywhere.  Its got to be close to the feeling of a baby being in his or her mothers arms, my 5/8 dock lines give me security.  I plan to explore marathon through the weekend and i will report back soon as i have some good info and pictures.

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