Remote ACR Spotlight

Being out at night on your boat is really nice, you can see the stars so clearly and making crossings  in open water at night is very peaceful.  One item I was lacking to make night travel safer and easier was a remote spotlight.  The most popular brand is ACR and thats why i went with this one.  Voyager Marine Electronics in Ft. Lauderdale has been great to work with, Dave and Rick both took great care to see what I requested of them was done correctly.  I changed out one of my GPS’s to a more modern c140 that works with my E90,  once rick got into my flybridge wiring he saw a lot of wiring problems so he straightened up all the wires in there and got everything hooked up, this took a couple days but was well worth it and important to have done.  The ACR  spotlight control pad is mounted close and out of the way and will really be great for locating aids to navigation at night.  Cable marine had to make the mounting wedge so the spotlight could be mounted flush to my slanted brow.  As soon as my flybridge enclosure is finished and my new bench seat is installed ill be on my way again, I know this has been a long layover in Ft. Lauderdale


Dave made me a mounting block out of solid teak, after he got the angels correct he sealed it with West System epoxy and sent to the painter so they could match it to the boat


Doing the mounting wedge in solid white might have looked funny so Dave had the painters Richard and Brandon from Yacht Styles incorporate my black stripe into the piece for a clean factory look, hard to believe it started from a solid piece of teak


Sheri from Cable Marine sanded and revarnished my faded name boards.  On the exterior of a boat having wood is a lot of work  I am happy that i have very few wood things on the outside of mine, although wood looks great sanding and varnishing is a never ending process you have to keep up with



This is a discharge pump Cable Marine also installed for me, it allows me to empty my holding tank while offshore where its legal to do so.  not the coolest thing to talk about but for live aboard boaters its very nice to have


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