Legacy in the Keys

My Uncle invited me down for a couple nights to go fishing with them in the keys, they have a house rented in Islamorada which is a awesome location to go fishing from.  When you drive south west the Overseas Highway in your car it takes you offshore basically so you are in great clear water quick and close to the dark blue water where the bottom seems endless, Florida is the coolest state.  In Pensacola you would have to go 14 miles to get to 100ft of water in Islamorada 4 miles from shore your in 300ft and 20 miles you at 1,000ft. Water was very clear and the fishing was good.  Legacy is a 46 Hatteras with 8/92 Detroit Diesels that produce 725hp each, at 1880rpms they push this 50,000lb battle wagon  at 20kts like its a cake walk which is quite quick and its a nice nice ride!

The first day we went out and we trolled for Wahoo and billfish, ended up catching some dolphin and some black fin tuna had a beautiful day out there looking for good areas to pull the lures through, you look for floating debris to troll next to because the debris makes a good habitat for the little organisms and small fish the big fish like to eat on.  Anyway I’m not that good at fishing but when i go with Uncle Ed and his family I always feel very lucky because they are all so good at it and I learn a lot from them.


The second day we went to a few reefs and chummed up yellow tail, jacks, barracudas, snappers, and a nice cobia.  The entire day it was like looking into a fish tank, the water looked delicious lol.   Reef fishing in these parts is only a few miles offshore and if you anchor you want to look for sandy spots so you don’t hurt the sea grass on the bottom or get hung up on a rock.  A few of the spots have a couple mooring balls you can tie to these make it very easy and are nice because they protect the bottom from a bunch of boats trying to anchor every day.  My Aunt and Uncles really good friends Rusty and Frances were staying with them in the keys and it was great to meet them and hear about all the cool things we share in common. Life’s good, as it always should be 😉


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