57 miles to Palm Beach

Pura Vida got lots done to her at Cable Marine, It felt great to get back out on the water after being docked for so long.  The bridges on the New River don’t open for boats until 9AM so when I left at 7:30 i had the river to myself.  The bridges on the river are 18′ at mean high water with an extra 4′ at the center.  Pura Vida sits at 18′ tall so i could squeeze under all these bridges without needing a open.  My cruise this day took me from the South Fork of the New River to the ICW, I headed north once I hit the ICW and went through Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and finally Palm Beach.  After I hit the ICW I had 20 bridges to go under, I only needed 8 to open for me offshoreblue.com is a great website for reading about the bridge times and heights.

Here is a picture of my new helm chair by Arrigoni Design

I arrived safely at Palm Beach Yacht Club just north of the Flagler bridge at 3:30 just in time for slack tide so docking was flawless and my friends from Sea Bird a Viking SportFish came over to give me a hand.  The Yacht Club is very nice and in a great location,  Sunfest is going on this weekend in West Palm so I was lucky to get a spot at the Club

Below is a 2016 Hatteras GT 70 brand new still belongs to the factory its called Hattitude has a 21′ beam 2 x 2600-hp MTUs and is a nice battle wagon.  I didn’t get many pictures yesterday, running solo is tricky to get to do everything you want.  You have to pay a lot of attention inside the narrow ICW with the million dollar +++ homes on each side and lots of boat traffic its fun but you have to pay attention.

One thought on “57 miles to Palm Beach”

  1. I like your new helm seat. Cable does good work. I bet you are glad to be moving again. Can you send me the pic of my props?


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