20 miles to Faber Cove anchorage

After 2 weeks in Palm Beach I had about a 1/4 inch of marine growth on my running gear, the strong current brought all types of organisms past my boat and some of them attached and tried to make homes.  They stick to my propellers, rudders, shafts and trim tabs.  I hired a diver to clean it for me he used my Brownie third lung which is a dive pump that supplies surface air to up to three divers.  After the diver finished we went and got some ice and beverages and headed out for our short 20 mile trip today up to a little protected cove called Faber Cove.  This anchorage is right across from the beach and there are a few places to eat and walk around.  There are chairs on the beach for people to use and a long jetty you can walk out on, along with the Jetty Bar with great live music.

This short leg of the trip was smooth and easy, having a clean bottom along with smooth props, shafts and rudders I was making great speed at 1200 rpms which I call my trawler speed or displacement speed usually 8.5knots or 10mph.  This is the speed where the boat hull moves most efficiently through the water, once you add more power it starts to want to ride on the surface of the water and that makes the engines work hard and they consume lots of fuel at planing speed which is around 2100rpms and 17knots.  Faber cove is surrounded by homes and seems to be very friendly to the occasional boats that come and moor here.  I didn’t get any pictures of the beach yet but its really nice and there is like a 30′ tall dune you have to go down to get to the water.

beautifully restored 13 whaler reminds me of the JAG “Jonathan, Andrew and Garrison” on Bayou Texar, my dive compressor hose coming out from aft cabin window, and Tug on the ICW


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