55 miles to Indian Harbour Beach

Today was a fun day of cruising the trench in the rain, I’m sure glad Pura Vida has a new flybridge enclosure.  We left our anchorage around 10AM with a 55mile journey ahead of us with a destination of EAU Gallie Yacht Club.  EAU Gallie Yacht Club is located in Indian Harbour Beach just south of Satellite Beach, a great surf spot my friend Larry from Pensacola talks about.  (And yes it is spelt Harbour not Harbor) We were expecting some rain around 11am and it was only a few min late, we zipped up the enclosure and it went to at most a 1/4 mile of visibility.  This isn’t terrible, but when your trying to drive right in the center of a narrow channel with sandbars on each side it makes it a little more challenging especially when the markers are spaced very far apart.  Thank goodness for GPS and radar.  Any experienced navigator has been in zero visibility conditions, it feels good to be able to do this and practice makes perfect.  When you see the clear skies on the other side the feeling of relief is unrivaled.  Going through a thunderstorm on Pura Vida brought back a lot of good memories like getting caught in a summer storm on the “Caroline” after a long day at Quietwater Beach with the whole family.

The day started off sunny, all the red on the radar is the thunder storm

Our short 55 mile jaunt today took us north up the ICW trench through Vero Beach, Sebastian, Palm Bay and Melbourne.  This is a great area, the waters are nice and lots of pretty marine life to see.  I’m not sure why this is but rain water doesn’t leave water-spots on your boat like hose water does, Pura Vida was sure happy to get rinsed off by the rain after 2 nights at anchor and 75 miles of ICW cruising.  Indian Harbor Beach is nestled between the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean with 5 nice parks and tons of good restaurants.  EAU Gallie Yacht Club is a member of the FCYC so I get one night free and a very discounted rate for the rest of the time, they have sailboats for members to use.  Multiple dinning rooms for whatever mood you are in, tennis courts and a fitness center.  Im going to try to stay at as many yacht clubs as possible during this Great Loop trip!

below a abandoned house on a pretty point across from the Yacht Club


These are some cool yachts I enjoyed looking at in Ft. Pierce

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