23 miles to St. Simons

My crew has made great meals for me and taken very good care of the boat so I am very grateful to them.  Leaving our anchorage we headed back to the ICW and took it north through St. Andrews Sound  which takes you into the Atlantic slightly and then back to the ICW there are shoals here and thats why you have to go so far out.  We then passed Jekyll Island, this ICW section goes through Jekyll Creek.  We hit this area at low tide actually 7′ low, the ICW depth is 12 in this area so we only had 5′ under the boat and the trench was super narrow.  We idled through this area, it was only like a 2 mile stretch of skinny water then back to 12-23 ft.  Well Cumberland Island is in GA and this means i’ve done the whole Florida coast, feeling very happy about this.  Georgia has these huge tidal swings though and areas where it gets very shoaly from all the current moving so this will be a good area to refine my ICW skills even further.

This was a very cool place to stop, Morningstar Marina is a great establishment dock master Mitch takes the best care of his boaters and the marina.  St. Simons is located on the southeast Georgia coast, midway between Savannah and Jacksonville, St. Simons Island is both a seaside resort and residential community.  It is the largest of Georgia’s renowned Golden Isles (along with Sea Island, Jekyll Island, and privately owned Little Simons Island). Visitors are drawn to the Island for its warm climate, beaches, shops, restaurants, historical sites, and its natural environment.  Bubba Gracias is a awesome spot to get Mexican American food and relax in a nice very friendly atmosphere.  Try the bbq burrito or the cali club tacos, they both hit the spot for me.  This is a great island for bike riding and walking, there is a natural canopy provided by the live oaks that are very large.  We met some very friendly people here that we look forward to seeing again.


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