60 miles to Richmond Hill

Todays cruise went great, Leaving Morningstar Marina at 8am we arrived at Kilkenny Marina around 1:40PM.  The tide was with us for half the day today then against us for the other, I kicked the CAT motors up to 2150 RPMs to try to do as much of the Georgia ICW as possible during high tide.  We were making 15knots with no current then down to about 12-13kts when it started flowing against us.  My engines are workhorses, you can’t beat a mechanical Caterpillar, not the fastest but damn their reliable.  Scenery today was beautiful marsh lands with some that had good hard ground where remote homes were built and trees seem to flourish on these banks where soil is good.  We cruised the Troupe Creek East then Mackay River then little Mud River (most of these narrow caution spots have range markers so you can use these to line up and stay centered in the channel) then hit the Sapelo River then made it to St. Catherine’s Sound where we got on Bear River then Kilkenny Creek.  Today was like a maze of rivers I had a fun time.



Kilkenny Marina is located in Richmond Hill Georgia, I love Henry Ford and when I heard he had a historical connection to this area I had to find out more.  Fords home was built on the sight of Richmond Plantations.  Fords holdings eventually totaled 85,000 acres of agricultural and timber lands, which is now owned by the state of Georgia or ITT Rainier, a timber company.  Henry also built a number of public buildings here like the Kindergarten which is now the Richmond Hill Historical Society, and a chapel that now houses St. Anne’s Catholic Church.  Both are located on Georgia S.R. 144, also known as Ford Avenue.  The Ford Plantation has been turned into a luxury resort that is supposed to be very nice!  When it was suggested that the town be renamed “Ford”, Mr. Ford declined and instead Ways Station was renamed “Richmond Hill” after the sight of Fords home on the banks of the Ogeechee River.

Pura Vida docked at Kilkenny Marina


they sell shrimp here and this Blue Heron eats good


check out their unique way of launching boats here at Kilkenny. due to the 8′ tides

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