49 miles to Alligator River MM84

Today we left Dowry Creek and headed back to the Pungo River, it was overcast windy and in the 60’s.  Beautiful weather for this boating, wish my parents and sister could be here!  We worked our way to Alligator River.  The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge was established on March 14, 1984, to preserve and protect a unique wetland habitat type—the pocosin—and its associated wildlife species.  It is one of the premier strongholds for American black bear on the eastern seaboard.  20 miles of the ICW through this area is very narrow with  hardwood swamps, Atlantic White Cypress and marsh land.  It is so beautiful.  Driving through the tannic acid water was like operating the boat in sweet tea.  After the narrow portion of Alligator River it opens up into a wider body of water.  The waves in the bay were 1′ or a more, from the stiff 15mph NE wind.  It was directly on the bow so we sliced the waves like a hot knife through butter and the Hatteras was riding like a Prevost Bus.  You continue about 10 miles to the Alligator River Swing Bridge. With only a 12′ height, you can get to open on channel 13.  Then head west after passing through bridge and arrive at… yes can you guess it?  Alligator River Marina, everything is alligator in these parts. Alligator Marina is at the foot of the Alligator Swing Bridge MM84.  This is a nice quiet little spot, I enjoy these types of places.  The fuel station on site has a diner called Captain Charlies that serves a small good menu.  Mandy and Langdon met Louis and I at the diner tonight and it was great.  Tomorrow we will  be in Coinjock NC.



One thought on “49 miles to Alligator River MM84”

  1. What a statuesque striped lighthouse! That’s a great analogy of tannic acid water and sweet tea. The FSU Reservation where the Water Ski Team practiced was surrounded by Cypress trees and had the tannic acid water. Made us all look like red-skinned Seminole Indians.

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