31 miles to Coinjock MM50

It was a little warmer this morning and the conditions were absolutely perfect to cross Albemarle Sound.  There was virtually no wind in the marina this am so it was a breeze getting going.  Louis has been making great breakfast and lunch, its been great because we can stay rolling steady during breakfast and lunch.  Entering back into Alligator River we went about 3 miles north avoiding the long point shoals and all the duck blinds.  From here we entered the sound and took a heading that would allow us to cross to the entrance of the New River.  Albemarle Sound was very smooth, it’s over 16 miles across.  once your away from shore it stays from 15-17 feet deep.  The hardest part is paying enough attention so you don’t hit any of the crab traps, there are sooo many.  There is no tide change in this area which is great but also very interesting, I will find out why but I have not yet.  From Albemarle Sound the ICW goes into North River for about 12 miles and you arrive at Coinjock NC and the Coinjock Marina MM50.  Coinjock has a population of 335 people according to a 2010 census.  The Coinjock Marina is nice, it sells fuel and has a ship store and restaurant.  There are 5 boats here that know Pura Vida and I have been traveling with them throughout various parts of the trip.  Such a great feeling having so many friends on the dock, like a small reunion.  Coinjock Marina restaurant is steps away from the boat it was delicious, I had the fried chicken and Louis got their famous prime rib.  It was great, and thank you Louis for the dinner! again haha

dinner at Coinjock Marina with Mandy and Langdon from Bayflower

hard working dock attendant removing a log from the river


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