37 miles to Chesapeake Va MM 12

We departed Coinjock around 10 AM, it was overcast with a 10mph SW wind.  We enter Coinjock Bay and pass Piney Island.  From here the bay turns into North Landing River, which takes you by Knotts Island and you cross into Virginia at this time!  Then the North Landing River meets the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal.  In the canal you have 2 swing bridges that need to open for you to pass, they open on the hour and 1/2 hour.  You head west and arrive at Atlantic Yacht Basin where you can get dockage for 1$ a foot and they have a full service marine facility if you need anything.  Around 1pm we ran into some light rain, we checked with the boats in front of us and they said it was only rain no wind or lightning so that reassured us so we kept pushing through the trench.  We got soaked docking, It was a lot of fun! and we are at the far end of the 1/4 mile long face dock.  We purchased 8 gallons of oil here and did an oil change on my main engines, it’s very easy with my oil change pump.  The hose water has been getting cooler and cooler the more north I get.  It’s great to be getting north during the summer this is refreshing.  When we move to Norfolk Thursday we will go through a lock its only a couple hundred yards from the marina I am at now.

Mother Nature is breath taking you can get lost in her beauty so easily, these pictures dont do it justice! go explore see

Marina shots, transient slips ICW side and also covers slips available for long term.  & boat refit shop

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