98 miles to Fishing Creek MD, Honga River MM87

Departed Little Creek at 07:00, it was warm sunny and a light 5mph SW wind.  Leaving Little Creek was beautiful.  As I entered Chesapeake Bay there were some small 2′ swells rolling in from the Atlantic, the wave period was long so the ride was good.  Once I got about 20 miles north on the Chesapeake with Cape Charles off my Stbd the swells from the east laid down and the wind picked up to about 11mph out of the South.  This was a good because I was in a following sea at this point and you really couldn’t feel the waves much because we were going the same direction.  The autopilot I’m sure was making corrections all day with the following sea, but she stayed true to her course and the trek up the Chesapeake was really relaxing.  The Chesapeake is a huge beautiful body of water, I mainly saw around 30-40 ft depths but did see an area about 60 miles north that was 150-175 ft deep.  The water gets a little more murky the further up the Chesapeake you go.  I got anchored on the Honga River around 17:00 found a beautiful spot protected from the South East winds.  You still can get free things these days, Mother Nature decided to give me a spot free fresh water rinse today after my 98 miles.  I love a good rain shower any day.  Its cooled down some this evening after the rain so I’m going to cook some steak.  Hope all is well with everyone and thank you for following my journey.


below is a ship the Navy uses for target practice, it’s on a sand bar on the east side of the bay, it is a site to see.  these pictures are from over a 1/4 mile away they are round because I used my binoculars to get a close picture.

Lighthouse in middle of bay


if your going to anchor be sure to use chafe gear


engine room was 127 degrees today lol two Cats can build some heat



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