64 miles to Annapolis

Last night at anchor was peaceful and a good spot to spend the night.  I departed the Honga River around 08:00, weather was warm with a light south wind.  It’s about a 6 mile trek back to the Chesapeake ICW, leaving the Honga River there are thousands of crab pots.  You have to avoid these like they are Naval Mines, some crabbers have big flags on their buoys and this makes seeing them so easy (thank you).  The beginning of the Chesapeake was very clear and clean, after about 100 miles the water gets darker and doesn’t seem as clean.  I’m sure this has to do with the high density cities that use this body of water for their runoff.  My friend Maggie arrived in Annapolis today to ride with me for a week, I look forward to covering a lot of ground.  Hopefully we will be meeting back up with the Bayflower tomorrow on the C&D canal in Delaware which connects the Chesapeake to the Delaware Bay.  Arriving in Annapolis was beautiful, lots of sailboats, big yachts and a great mooring field.  The town is full of great history and tons of great places to walk to, It was busy for a Thursday night.  Feels good to be making some progress and to be making it to another state tomorrow.


Annapolis City Marina layout


Pictures of Historic Annapolis 

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