16 miles to Schenectady

Fun and great first set of locks, learned lots of good tricks.  All the lock tenders are great, they can be reached at channel 13 and you will need to get a 10 day transit pass.  Any questions you have make sure you ask the Tenders.  I know for 40′ and over it is $50.  water depths are 11′ or more and the bridges are low, around 21′.  First stop was Schenectady Yacht Club, very nice rural marina.   They sell fuel, have a free pump out and swimming pool.  The town is 2 miles from here, primarily an Italian town.  Dock Master Ian is a good dude and this is a perfect first stop on the Erie right after lock E7.  My good friend Jeff who I met in St. Augustine lives here and is going to take me to Saratoga tonight to see some horse racing and show me around.

The Erie Canal Locks E2-E7


upstream on a 33′ lift dad up front

My father was a great help through my first 7 locks.  We are excited to be traveling through this area together, so many new things I’ve never seen and it gets better every day! 



Home Made paddle wheeler with Subaru motor 

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