51 miles to St. Johnsville

Today we did Locks E8-E15 on the Mohawk River.  Starting from Schenectady passing through Amsterdam, Gloversville and arriving at St. Johnsville.  It Was a 8 hour run and about 1 hour and 40 min total was spent doing all 8 locks. 

Awesome old power plant that has been abandoned, also leather tanneries and fabric manufactures used to occupy these old structures  

St. Johnsville, 1$ a foot dockage and cheap diesel for this area 2.36 everywhere else has been 2.89

  Checking out the town of Saratoga last night was very cool, my good friend Jeff took me on the best tour.  Jeff and I met on the ICW in New Smyrna, he and his friend Craig were bringing a nice Pearson True North lobster style “fast trawler” up to NY.  We all became friends and enjoyed Palm Coast and St. Augustine together.  Finally I made it to upstate NY and docked in Jeffs town of Schenectady, he came by to see my dad and I and we went to Saratoga last night.  What a cool town! and I felt like I was with a celebraty, he knew EVERYONE in town. You meet the coolest people boating I swear.


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