86 miles to Trenton Canada

Oswego is a very neat town, we found a good place for dinner.  Alex’s on the water was great, good atmosphere and food.  There was live music, the male female duo put on quite the show! dancing and what not, reminded me of lee Hual my good friend aka “Boogie”.

we left out of Oswego at 0700 with a 75 mile open water crossing.  We got on course and set the Auto Pilot.  Sea state was 2′ when we started which switched to out of the South West which put it on our nose.  The lake is definitely different from the open water gulf or atlantic, waves come from all angles so its tricky to get a smooth ride on days with any sizable waves.  Once we got within 30 miles of Canadian land the waves did lay down and we were off making good time.  We are about to start a route called the Trent Severn.  The Trent–Severn Waterway is 240 miles-long it’s a canal route connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Lake Huron at Port Severn. Its major natural waterways include the Trent River, Otonabee River, the Kawartha Lake , Lake Simcoe, Lake Couchiching and the Severn River. Its scenic, meandering route has been called “one of the finest interconnected systems of navigation in the world”.  They used as much natural deep water routs as possible so the course zigzags like a snake.  Many of the locks are manually operated still to this day and its like a step back in time.  This is some of the finest inland cruising you can do.  you shouldnt do this with anything over a 5′ draft, and if you intend to you will have to sign a damage waver.  my 4.2′ draft should be perfect.  As you arrive in Trenton you have 2 swing bridges that have to open, to achieve this call them on channel 14 and have 5$ ready to put in the bridge tenders bucket.  This is cool and 5$ gets 2 bridges open.



Yellow flag is a “quarantine” flag you fly when entering another country untill you clear customs, and the small Canadian flag is a courtesy flag.


We arrived at Trent Port Marina, this marina has glowing reviews on Active Captain and I can see why, the bathrooms remind me of the WaterColor Inn off 30A in Santa Rosa Beach.  They are so clean and spacious and each shower room is private, the lounge and FREE laundry facility is out of this world.  Brand new machines, high-efficiency, large and free such a nice treat.  There is a nice computer room, strong wi-fi for the slips and grills to use on the beautiful grass lawn.  This is a must stop when arriving in Canada, the Canadian customs can clear you at this marina and there is a telephone number you use to call them.  The Marina staff is very accommodating, and that makes the experience oh so great.  Here is an overview of the marina, this is their first full season of being open.  The future will be bright for this marina, they are off to an incredible start.


One thought on “86 miles to Trenton Canada”

  1. Looks great! MIZZOU-RAH is at Mariners Landing in Sylvan Beach. We all have to leave for about 3 weeks to take care of our other lives and then we will regroup and launch again on 28 July. You will be long gone by then! Pics and BLOG look super. Well done. Steve, Rich and Phil Bradshaw


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