7.6 miles on the Trent Severn Locks 1-6, Frankford

Time lapse locks 1-5 Trent Severn

Gateway to the Trent Severn Waterway, Trent Port Marina was a great spot. Tomasso’s was a great Italian place we ate at while we were there.  The morning we departed I found out the marina has a coffee shop and ice cream parlor.  We got fuel on our way to the start of the Trent, it’s sold in liters here and it’s about 1.10$ a liter. I got 245 liters which is around 65 gallons.  They don’t let you fuel your own vessel here so the polite girls at the fuel dock took care of that and a pump out. First class service I must tell you, and the exchange rate is greatly in our favor.  Headed to Lock #1 referred to Greenhorn Lock. 


the bills here are plastic, waterproof and float lol 


Tied up after Lock 6, Lock master Ian and Courtenay are both awesome!  They taught me a lot about the workings of the lock systems and life as a Lock Master.  Below dad pulling his weight making another great meal 😉  


These gears open and close the gate valve on the lock intake water pipe 



3 thoughts on “7.6 miles on the Trent Severn Locks 1-6, Frankford”

  1. I’m so glad that I was traveling on my boat and met you at the Schenectady marina. I find it fascinating that a young guy is taking on such a fantastic trip at times by yourself. I look forward to each segment of your trip and am thankful that you included me in your blog. Enjoy your continual trip on the puravida and I will continue to enjoy your posts and pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Karen! it was awesome meeting you and your husband, I like this lifestyle of moving with the good weather and being in upstate NY and Canada during the summer. It is a awesome way to get away from those hot muggy days back in Pensacola where I’m from. Ill for sure be back and hope we can have some more fun next year on my way through the beautiful northern regions. Best wishes to you and yours,
      Forrest & Pura Vida


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