80 miles on the Trent, locks 7-19

The Trent has been something that every looper and cruiser talks about, it’s a navigating pleasure that requires lots of attention and study.  My dad being a Merchant Mariner by trade has really been a big help up in this area, having his experience and help has made this part of the trip a piece of cake.  I’ve really been able to enjoy the beauty of it all even more having him along for the ride.  The Canadian people are great and happy to have us in their Province, Pura Vida is a big boat for this area.  Our first stop the last 2 days was Hastings, where we stayed at Hastings Village Marina.  I met some awesome folks at this marina, everyone on our dock was so friendly and wanted to know about us and Pura Vida.  Jasmine the dock master ran the whole marina herself and helped us get tied up and checked in, she is great at what she does and the marina is lucky to have her!  Hastings is a small town and was a great place to stop after doing 12 locks in 34 miles.  The Lock Masters on the Trent are so friendly and they will ask where you are going so they can call ahead to the next lock and let them know you are coming.  Your reputation precedes you in this so make sure you are kind and respectful, and that is the name of the game on my boat.  As the locks come in sight they start opening the gates and I can slide right in get tied up and usually the whole lock procedure takes 10-15 min.  Which is fast for all that goes on,  This day we had 2 sets of double lift locks.  This is where two locks are stacked back to back and you get a 35′ lift in the first one move into the next chamber and get another 35′ lift for a total of 70′.  These were super cool, and we had lots of spectators watching the boat get lifted to higher elevations.

Our next day we had a 20 mile run across rice lake, and only had one lock, #19.  We arrived in Peterborough which is a big town with lots of big stores and a beautiful downtown and park.  I needed to get a Go Pro battery here so we broke out the folding bikes and rode 2 miles to the nearest Best Buy.  Peterborough Marina is awesome, the staff is great and had lots of good things to make our experience special.  I love the summer up here, dry air not so humid, cool at night and in the mornings.  It’s just a perfect get away from our Florida heat.  When my friend louis visited he brought a folding bike that he donated to Pura Vida so we have two bikes on board now and well, thank you for that louie!


At the top of a double lift lock 



Pura Vida lookin fine as some well aged wine 



Lock master manually opening the gates on this historic lock, its quite a busy phisically demanding job!

Peterborough fountain and a ATV used to launch the jet ski, you don’t have to worry about that salt water corrosion up here! 


These fields are beautiful and below, Cocomo! my friends I met in Apalachicola, we ran into them at Trent Port Marina.   We all spent a week together in Carrabelle and crossed the gulf to tarpon springs together.  It was awesome to see Wayne and Vickie again and Jack their boat dog!  I tell you what the people I have been meeting on the loop will be lifetime friends, its such a great network of people it makes me want to keep going and going! Life is so good and a blessing to us all.  The Harbor hosts here at Peterborough Marina are some Gold Loopers Don and Freya, they put together a really nice goodie bag for Pura Vida and welcomed us with warm wishes and instant friendship.  Their 48 searay is called “The Last Resort”.


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