46 miles to Ottawa

Started out mid morning today, rolling with “Inspiration” & “Let It Ride”.  It was windy today and cold, but it was a beautiful day.  Our first lock was Brandon lock, the guy cutting the grass didn’t seem to notice all the boats and did a good job of covering the boats with grass and dirt.  The lock master realized this and said sorry lol.  The day went great otherwise.  The last lock before Ottawa held us up for 3 hours.  This is a known often delayed lock because the lock master dislikes pleasure boats.  The Harbor master was nice enough to come in after dark and help us get settled at Heritage Harbor.  We had dinner with Phil, Pam, Tim and Karen, the on site restaurant is great.  Today took almost 9 hours and only covered 46 miles, total locks today = 3.  My friend Tiffany has been great help on board I really appreciate it.




this barge had been idle for a while and blew some smoke when it put fuel to the big EMD’s


10 out 10 more in, Marsalis lock 


arrived at Heritage Harbor (815) 433-5000


Fuel, reverse osmosis water, cable, wifi “actually works”, 240volt, restaurant/bar on site. 


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