77 miles to Peoria

Pura Vida and Inspiration made it well to Peoria.  The only lock we had this whole leg was called Starved Rock Lock and we had to wait 4 hours for this lock to let us through.  the river really opens up in some areas around here.  You can start seeing some nice estates along the river.  Peoria is home of the Caterpillar World Headquarters a few machining plants, and also the SS building which makes all the D6-D11 track type tractors.  The SS facility is the only place in the world where they build the D11.  So if you see a D11 its safe to say it was built right here in Peoria.  We had a factory tour with my good friend George Newell.  It’s not easy to get a factory tour here but we were able to do so because of Georges involvement with Caterpillar and my Grandfather who was a big customer of Caterpillar from the very beginning.  We are docked at the Illinois Valley Yacht Club aka the IVY club.  This is a nice marina, protected and close to Peoria.  (309) 682-5419  They accept other club memberships. 


IVY Club


4 thoughts on “77 miles to Peoria”

  1. Well it certainly is a small world. There you are in a town that I lived in for over 30 years, worked in for 25 and raised my family. The lake the river makes where the IVY Club is located is where I learned to sail. My home was on the top of the bluff. You are a little early for the fall folage display on the river banks but I can see it in my mind always . Caterpillar was always facinating to me. The sheer size of the company is giant along with their tractors. Your post on Peoria has left me feeling nostalgic this rainy afternoon. Thanks for the memories, Forrest.

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    1. Hey Nancy! Been thinking about you while I’m in your neck of the woods. Well I always think about you actually. How are things with you? Still loving in Ft Myers? When I head south around February I’ll come by and see you again!!

      Much love always


      1. There is something different about being on a river in a boat. Sometimes the land tries to close in on you but just to keep you cozy. Don’t get me wrong, I love big water and the awesome feeling it gives me. Your trip is reminding me of all these feelings that I had so long ago. Thank you Forrest.


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