52 miles to Charleston

The anchorage at Morgan Island was great and the mud held the anchor well, we got to see a bunch of monkeys dolphins and birds while staying here.  leaving Morgan Island we back tracked up to the Coosaw River.  From here we went through the narrow and shallow Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff, we hit this at dead low tide and my depth readings were 5.5′ or greater so of course I did this stretch at idle incase we came in contact with any sand or mud with only 1.5′ to spare under the keel.  Entering Rock Creek we rode this for a short distance, and then turning onto another narrow cut off that is unnamed but is at Statute Mile 515.  This cut off was deeper and took us onto the Ashepoo River.  Cutoffs are man-made channels that cut some time off the natural river, rivers wind like a snake and the cutoffs make it more direct.  These require dredging and that’s why you find shallow depths in these areas sometimes.  From here we took Fenwick Cut to the South Edisto River, the ICW stays narrow for about 8 miles here then turns into Stono River.  Stono River takes you to Elliott Cut, this is narrow and lined with houses and boat docks.  We transitioned this Cut on Saturday and the recreational boaters were out in full force,  we went slow and the crowds of boats parted as Pura Vida passed through.  This cut empties out into Ashley River and your directly across from Charleston City Marina.

monkey in the trees, sorry its blurry


anchored at Bass Creek, You can see a water spout trying to form over the Atlantic in the distance of this one photo



A grey barge that was just painted, old casino river ferry, and other pictures of the South Carolina Low Country


Tylers Mom Margaret made us a great home cooked meal the night we arrived, it was great to see her and have some wonderful food in the comfort of her home!



 We swam on the Congaree river in Columbia SC Sunday, and here is Tylers Landcruiser and Motorcycle

The Charleston City Marina is probably the worst marina i’ve been to this far, docks are in bad shape with exposed rusty metal sticking out all over and cleats missing.  The people who work here are not as friendly as you would hope, and I have not figured out why.  This Marina seems to have no Dock Master or Manager.  Boaters in the channel fail to abide by the no wake zone signs so the marina is very rough all the time during the day. I hate to put something negative about a marina but this is the truth and they have not made me think differently, I would not want to mislead any of my readers.  Other marinas really appreciate your business and treat you like family.  In Charleston I would look elsewhere. 

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